Biographies. Who reads these damn things anyway?
But if you already do, Nightcrow will tell you some things about

Dj Nightcrow aka Kevin Vancraybex started his deejay career in
2002. He bought many vinyl records. When he plays at parties or
other events, he will play whatever people like at that point. He can mix all styles of music together, but as his alter ego
NIGHTCROW he plays house music in every way of the word.That’s what he loves the most.

Nightcrow played guest sets at several clubs and festivals in
Belgium and abroad. For example: Versuz, La Rocca, Ritz
building, The Refex, Slices, Universal, Entourage, Shaft,
57Lounge, Genk On Stage, Mardi (Roxy Antwerp) Heaven in- &
outdoor, 12inch Lovers, Event Paris, etc.
He’s ex-resident dj at Kingdom Club (NL) & Lazzurra (NL).

New Year’s Eve he plays at the famous BIG Champagne party
every year! He also organised several concepts & parties in the past.
Like Alverfest in- & outdoor (BE), Disco Classics, Badabing and

Once a month he makes a mixtape of house music which he calls
a NIGHTMIXSHOW. You can fnd those at Soundcloud.

Two years ago he graduated as an audio realisator (Sounddesign).
At the moment Nightcrow is fully working at his studio on his
career. Several times a week he plays all round & dance music at his
booked events.

Recently he also became self-imployed.

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