Introducing the one and only, MJ The UNIQUE! Hailing proudly from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, MJ brings an unparalleled energy and expertise to the music scene.

With over two decades of immersion in the music industry, MJ’s journey began as a background dancer, gracing stages and screens across the United States and Europe. From MTV to VH1, and from iconic names like Janet Jackson to contemporary sensations like Usher, MJ’s dance moves have lit up performances for a plethora of esteemed artists. His list of collaborators reads like a who’s who of the music world, including the likes of Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, and Public Enemy, to name just a few.

But MJ’s talents don’t stop at dance. In 2005, he discovered his innate gift for MCing, seamlessly transitioning from the stage to the mic. Since then, he’s been captivating audiences as an MC, working alongside some of the globe’s top DJs. Teaming up with DJ Robert Abigail, MJ has left an indelible mark on the European music scene, gracing renowned festivals and clubs with his electrifying presence.

Whether you’re in need of a captivating host, a dynamic vocalist, or an unforgettable performer, MJ The UNIQUE delivers an experience like no other. From club openings to music festivals, his versatility and passion shine through in every performance. Book MJ The UNIQUE for an event that will leave your audience buzzing with excitement and memories to last a lifetime!

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